Feature What this means for you
Create unlimited pages You can create up to 10 main pages and unlimited sub pages and extra pages as needed
HTML editor to update any page You don't have to know how to program a web page to make changes to your website
Preview pages before your publish Make sure your page looks correct before you publish it
Home page slider or banner Easily add a banner at the top that rotates between other images to get visitors attention
Home page hover box Easily add a box that opens up when someone comes to your home page to get them to sign up for a newsletter or tell them about something new
Home page highlight box Use a box as a featured coupon or event to get quick attention to something specific that could change montly or daily
Archive Pages Save pages for later use and not let visitors see them
Easily make pages part of the top menu or drop down menu Add, edit or remove pages or just move them around on your navigation menu so it is easy for your visitors to find.
Create URL names for all pages Have easy to remember web addresses for any page AND help search engines evaluate your web content easier
Search Engine Optimization features built in You can add keywords to help search engines rank your website better
Facebook Open Graph features built in For those who use social media, Open Graph allows you to specify what to text and images to show when someone likes your articles or page
Full featured blog with RSS feed Full featured Blog Our system has a built-in blog so you can post an article any time giving your customers more information
Full featured blog with RSS feed Blog RSS Feed Your customers can subscribe to your RSS feed to get new blogs posts the instant you post them, more exposure for you!
Password protect any page Keep any page private for only specified users to view
Backup copies of page revisions Review the information you had on any web page in the past. Up to 8 revisions are kept.
Contact form at your fingertips If you choose to have a contact form rather than your email, our premade form is ready to insert on any page.
Add multiple users to edit your site You can assign someone to make updates to your site for you